Bet Ideas

Betting things besides money can make any game, competition or night more interesting.

wdt_ID Bet Weight Category SearchTerms
1 Loser eats a half a stick of butter within 10 minutes 50 Gross
2 Do the winners dishes, winner chooses when 10 Favor Relationship
3 Loser wears a fake neck tatoo for a day of their choice 40 Embarrassment
4 Winner gets to pick losers Facebook or Instatgram profile pic for a day 40 Embarrassment Relationship
5 Loser drives the kids to school for a week. 40 Favor Relationship
6 Dog walking duty for a week 30 Favor Relationship
7 Loser can't shave for 2 weeks, guy or girl 40 Embarrassment
8 Drink glass of warm hot dog water 30 Gross
9 Girl loser gives the guy a ballcuzzi. Warm water in a cup, blow with two straws to make nice bubbles for his balls 40 Sex Relationship
10 Girliest drink they make, loser buys it and drinks it 20 Alcohol Related

This site helps you come up with funny bets with friends, boyfriend/girlfriend or your spouse.  After searching the Internet we found that it is very hard to find interesting bets to make besides money.  Submit your ideas and we will post all good ideas within 48 hours.

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